August 2022

tici  |   August 11, 2022

Stealth Realty Advisors, LLC a national commercial real estate advisory group based in Houston held its annual company retreat at the Lakewood Yacht Club in Seabrook this past month. To kick off the meeting, Stealth made a generous donation of $500 to a local animal shelter, Bayou Animal Services, and Adoption Center in Dickinson, TX. Bayou Animal Services saves animals from tragic endings and finds loving homes. Every dollar donated makes a big difference in saving these precious lives.

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As The TICI Group of Companies moves forward, the shareholders are reminded that it all began over a century ago with a vision of Lucretia Mendiola in 1911. It is instilled in the same vein for the third generation to deliver the same values, work ethic and integrity for generations to come.


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