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Physician Owners Of Medical Outpatient Buildings

At Stealth Realty Advisors, our sale leaseback services are singularly focused on the healthcare market and our influential investor clients who are experienced healthcare operators.

By employing a “sale leaseback” strategy, there is a significant amount of capital that is otherwise tied up in your real estate, offering virtually no return. Physician owners have been able to re-invest proceeds back into the growth of their practices to garner above average returns. This can be more advantageous as traditional financing frees up only a small portion of the asset’s equity.

  • Typical lending methods used such as an appraisal to determine the loan amount is only about 85% of the market value received via sale leaseback.
  • Additionally, the loan to value ratio will only be in the realm of 75%-65% and you will be forced to leave equity in the property.
  • This means that the reality of traditional financing is it only provides 60% to 55% of the equity from your real estate, compared to 100% of your equity via a sale leaseback.

Our main goal is to help analyze your real estate to show its current value, and how much equity you may have tied-up in a non liquid asset. This will provide you with an intelligent option on whether to hold, re-finance or conduct a sale leaseback. This comprehensive analysis is provided to you at no charge and no obligation to sell or engage our team.

We will be honored to discuss your goals and financial requirements to see how we may be of assistance. Let me know a convenient time to set up a call.

As The TICI Group of Companies moves forward, the shareholders are reminded that it all began over a century ago with a vision of Lucretia Mendiola in 1911. It is instilled in the same vein for the third generation to deliver the same values, work ethic and integrity for generations to come.


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