2023 Mid Year

Turning Challenges into Opportunities: The Changing Landscape of Debt

In recent years, the healthcare and life science industries have faced significant changes and challenges, and as the year reaches its midpoint, we need to assess this evolving landscape and identify its opportunities. One area of concern that requires careful attention is the impending wave of loan maturities in the near future. According to research from Colliers Capital Markets, an estimated $2.6 trillion of loan maturities are expected through 2027, presenting a significant challenge for borrowers across various sectors.

This debt situation holds particular significance for the healthcare sector, as rising interest rates and tighter credit underwriting standards create difficulties for borrowers trying to manage their debt. Exploring options for debt management becomes imperative as organizations seek strategies to navigate these financial obstacles. Data acquired by Revista highlights the impact of the debt crisis on the healthcare industry, revealing a substantial slowdown in financing and the number of mortgages for medical office buildings from the past two years to the first half of 2023.

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