2023 Texas Healthcare Real Estate Ownership

In recent years, our brokerage has been deeply entrenched in the healthcare commercial real estate sector in Texas. With its distinct position as a key market, Texas has consistently captured the attention of investors and industry stakeholders. The allure is unmistakable; Texas stands out with its four primary markets – Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

In the past, we have conducted observations, analyses, and reporting within this sector. However, a significant knowledge gap existed in our understanding of healthcare real estate asset ownership within the state of Texas. While national data offered a broad overview, the specific nuances of the Texas market remained unexplored. With our most recent white paper, we aim to address this gap in knowledge. For the very first time, we have explored the intricacies of ownership structures within the primary healthcare real estate asset classes in Texas, spanning medical office buildings, ambulatory surgical centers, hospitals, and behavioral health facilities. Our sincerest appreciation is given to ReVista for their invaluable assistance in compiling and providing data for use in this paper.

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