Texas 2022 Year End White Paper

Getting a foothold

Despite the ongoing disruptions in the economy and debt markets, the Life Science sector continues to thrive and take the nation by storm. It has created its own market and asset class within the healthcare industry, leading to major metropolitan areas like Boston and San Diego becoming home to highly sought-after life science companies, with many more developments expected shortly. The state of Texas, especially Houston and Dallas, has also entered the race to become a significant player in the life science industry by providing a central and favorable location for these companies, along with a growing number of top universities that offer research and education on the subject.

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As The TICI Group of Companies moves forward, the shareholders are reminded that it all began over a century ago with a vision of Lucretia Mendiola in 1911. It is instilled in the same vein for the third generation to deliver the same values, work ethic and integrity for generations to come.


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