Jim Coman & Derrick D. Bracks nominated as GlobeST’s top Healthcare Influencers for 2022

tici  |   December 19, 2022


Medical office buildings are having a moment, as we say in our feature on page 8 and that is also true for the entire range of healthcare real estate assets, more or less. It is being fueled by headwinds that include an aging boomer population and the still-overwhelming demand by patients to get their healthcare services in person at a physical site. Medical professionals also tend to be among the most creditworthy tenants. These dynamics are attracting new buyers to the space, even as deal flow across CRE has slowed considerably. Not that navigating this space is easy; healthcare real estate also includes the always complex category of skilled nursing and even medical office buildings come with certain challenges. The men, women, teams, and companies we have selected as having the greatest impact in this category in the last year, though, are well-suited to address both the upside healthcare offers and its downsides.


DERRICK D. BRACKS Derrick Bracks is the national director of healthcare and life science at Stealth Realty Advisors LLC. In this role, he sources, identifies, and qualifies off-market opportunities so that company advisors can present them to clients. Since joining Stealth Realty Advisors, Bracks has participated in more than $150 million in offers, resulting in more than $100 million in closings. Prior to joining the firm, Bracks was a member of the CBRE investment group in the Los Angeles office. He holds a master of business administration degree and is an astute business and finance professional. He is described as an excellent listener, a skill he uses to better understand the needs of owners, investors and developers, and he has a good understanding of the current economic climate and can articulate the variables to peers and clients alike. Along with Stealth Realty Advisors, Bracks supports animal rescue organizations and shelters through monetary donations. He also is actively involved in helping a refugee from Ukraine.

JAMES P. COMAN James Coman is managing director of capital markets in the healthcare and life science group at Stealth Realty Advisors LLC, where he is responsible for all production of capital markets, acquisitions, and dispositions for the firm’s clients nationwide. With more than a decade of industry experience, Coman seeks investment opportunities for the firm’s clients based on their specific investment criteria while ensuring they will qualify, pass underwriting and achieve a successful offer and transaction close. Coman’s clients include healthcare REITs, private investors, and health systems. This year, he has closed nearly $100 million of medical office buildings across the country. Outside of work, Coman is active in his community and his church, and he supports a canine shelter and rescue through Stealth Realty Advisors’ annual donation drive.



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